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General Survival


Learn to clean up after a flood, survive an earthquake, stock up on survival supplies, deal with post disaster stress and much more in these articles.

General Survival Guide >>



Warm Weather Threat Survival

Hurricane Tornado Flood and Fire Survival

Learn to survive the common disasters that strike in warm weather and climates around the world.

Hurricane and Weather Survival Guide >>




Cold Weather Survival


Learn how to prepare your home, travel and survive if stranded in a blizzard. Learn about wind chill and other cold weather survival threats.

Cold Survival Guide >>




Pandemic & Health Survival

Learn about biological agents and survival strategies. Learn about pandemics, many common threats such as Samlmonella, West Nile, Botulism and others including mold and mold cleanup.

Pandemic & Health Survival Guide >>

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Threat Survival in the Modern (Real) World

This section deals with modern real world survival, Dealing with stalkers, kidnapping, biologic attack, food shortages and other modern issues.

Stalker Kidnapping - Biological Attacks, The Modern Survival Guide >>

Losing A Job - Economic Survival In Changing Circumstances >>



The Essentials of life article series covers the basics of sustaining life with an emphasis on both urban and wilderness places.


The Necessity of Safe Drinking Water
Dangers, symptoms and first aid for contaminated water.

Finding and Treatment of  Safe Drinking Water
Where to locate safe water and how to treat other sources.

Finding Water Where There Is None
Methods of locating water in difficult places.



Food Safety and Survival After A Disaster or Emergency
Tips for protecting your survival and your food supply.

Preparing an Emergency Food Supply - Long Term Food Storage
Information Courtesy of the University of Georgia and the authors
Judy Harrison, Ph.D and Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D

General Survival Information

U.S. Army Field Manual Survival  - Table of Contents




Shows and Media

Wilderness Survival Video Education
Many people are interested in wilderness survival. Wilderness survival and its many parts are foreign to many of our lives today unlike the lives of our ancestors. Watching these videos will teach you many important things about wilderness survival.

A-Z Bush Craft

North American Outdoor Information

Snakes, What You Need to Know
But don't want to get close enough to find out.

How To: Changing A Flat Tire
How To Girl demonstrates replacing a flat tire in an emergency.

Watch Tornado Videos

Other Disaster and Emergency Videos

Survival Skills

How to read animal tracks.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Considerations for Diabetics during a disaster.

How to Drain a Hot Water Heater for drinking water in a emergency.

How to drain pipes in a building for water.

Well Water Care

What is GMT or UCT time?

Knots to MPH Conversion Chart

Current Event Resources

Travel Information & Warnings
    Travel warnings from the US State department.

View FEMA Disaster Declarations
FEMA Disaster declarations make federal funding available. Check for the latest declarations here. Open Window

NOAA National Weather Service
Current warnings and forecasts for the United States. Open Window

NOAA National Hurricane Center
Tropical Prediction Center. Tropical Cyclone Forecasts and Advisories covering the Atlantic, Caribbean and Eastern Pacific.
Open Window

Read UN Climate Change Warning

Visit The Earth Pulse Website

View Active US Fire Map

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