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Survival Guide: Hurricanes Tornados Floods & Fires

Hurricane Preparation and Survival Planning

On these pages you will find information to aid in hurricane survival and planning for you and your family. The information on these pages are excerpts courtesy of the NOAA. Start Planning now.

Assessing Your Tornado Risk

“Tornado Alley” is an area of the U.S. heart-land known for its tornado activity...  Tornado risk includes the potential for property damage, injury, and loss of life all of which are increased with a higher frequency of occurrence.

Danger Signs of a Tornado and What to Do

Tornados can form very quickly and surprise anyone who is not alert to the danger signs. Learn how to recognize the danger signs.

Fire Danger, Limiting the Risk

Fire Activity sometimes seems to explode from nowhere. How does this happen and why do wild fires seem to flare up without warning? Can you limit the danger? 

Severe Weather Can Threaten Summer Fun, Safety and Health

Summer offers warm weather and sometimes a surprise. Tips and information to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Floods - Get the Facts Now, So you don't have to "find out" Later

Offers a extensive list of ideas to deal with a flood situation and stay safe.

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale

This page discuses the hurricane strength scale and what the different numbers mean for wind speeds and damage estimation.

World Tropical Storm Activity Forecast and Information

Forecast and current storm activity for major tropical cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons from around the world.

U.S. Weather Maps and Information

Up to date national radar, forecast maps and weather information for your location.

Preparing for a Flood

A sudden spring storm, a heavy downpour or a tropical storm can all lead to the same event, flooding. Flooding poses the risk of significant property damage and a real threat to life and limb. Preparing for a flood is smart.



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