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Heat, Storms and Flooding Could Increase, UN

  The UN is taking action amid continued debate over climate change and it's effect on the environment. A new UN web site has been launched to spell out what the UN expects in the future and the outlook isn't all that cheery. Record temperatures, rain, heat and storms may not only continue but are likely to increase in the future, according to the UN. This will have increasing effect on food production, the availability of fresh water, cause more flooding and natural disaster as well as challenging the our planets wildlife in new ways. The recent heat waves, with temperatures reaching into the 120 degree F range, continued drought effecting crop production, and torrential rains, may just be a prelude to the future according to climate change experts. Many point to the temperatures of last January which were 3.4 degrees F. higher than normal at the surface. Torrential rains have struck time and again recently in many areas, causing massive flooding and flood damage in may parts of the earth. Some of the same areas are suffering drought. According to the UN web site, the poorest communities are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
  The average global sea level is projected to rise due to ocean expansion and glacier melt. In the animal kingdom, 20-30 per cent of species are likely to face an increased risk of extinction. There will also be greater heat waves, new wind patterns, worsening drought in some regions, heavier precipitation in others. Many governments have found themselves in difficult positions as extreme flooding, drought and wildfire have been the backdrop of daily life in many areas, even now. The intensity of tropical cyclones such as Hurricanes are to increase. Heavy downpours of rain are also expected to increase in some areas while greater evaporation will also threaten fresh water supplies in others. The UN is urging action to avert some of these events.






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