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Threat Survival in the Modern World

Surviving A Biological Attack

A biological terror attack is a real possibility. What are some of the likely threats? How can you protect yourself from these threats? What symptoms may appear and how can you get treatment. Find out the answers to these questions in this section on Biological Attack.


Protect Yourself From A Stalker

A Stalker can have an effect on your life and well being that goes far beyond what friends and others can imagine. If you have mutual friends with the stalker he or she may even turn them against you by belittling your concerns or accusing you of mistreatment. To others it may seem that you are just imagining it all, blowing things out of proportion or they may not want to take sides. But the truth is your probably not blowing things out of proportion, in fact, you may be keeping the worst of it to your self and there may be good reason for concern. The answer though is not fear but knowledge of what you can do to protect yourself.


Survival - When the Power Goes Out

When the power goes out Food, Water and Safety may be at risk. Learn how to survive and protect yourself and others.


Gas Prices Nation Wide and Fuel Saving Tips

U.S. Gas price map and gas saving tips.


Food Crisis and Famine, Is It Possible?

Search for terms like food crisis and you will find a list of articles such as "Are We Running Out of Food?". There is great concern for many of the natural resources we depend on and food is not the least of resources we need every day. Malnutrition alone, which comes from not having enough food, kills 10 children every minute according to the U.N. Do the math and you will find that means 5,256,000 or more children die every year because of a lack of adequate food. Now it seems matters are taking a turn for the worse as the UN is warning of much greater risk to the worlds food supply. In much of the world the food crisis has already arrived leading to rioting and violence. Our personal survival depends on adequate food supplies

Kidnapping What Can You Do

Kidnapping is a well known subject to people all over the world. From shopping mall parking lots to third world countries. Find out ways to protect yourself and survival strategies in the most dire of circumstances.

US State Department - Travel Information

Information and up to date advisories and warnings as well as a wealth of travel information.







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