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72 hour survival kits provide a convient way to get some basic necessities to be prepared for a disaster or other survival situation.
Earthquake and Hurricane Kits, portable for evacuation or easy movement.
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Pandemic Survival Kits

First Aid Supplies

Survival Radios and NOAA Radios can help you stay informed of any crissis situation so you can be prepared to react.
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Freeze Dried Food Pouches

Mountain House Emergency Food

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Water is absolutly necessary in a survival situation. Be prepared to survive even a complete breakdown in services bu producing water when needed for survival.


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A good flashlight is very important to prepare for a survival situation or disaster.


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A Generator can help you be more comfortable and prepared for a power outage, or a disaster.


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GPS Units and Supplies

A Back Pack for survival supplies is useful if you must evacuate.

Evacuation & Supply Back Packs

A watch that can withstand water is helpful in a survival situation.

Dive Watches

Men's Special Clothing

Women's Special Clothing

Special Foot Wear

A survival shelter can be as easy as a small tent. Other camping gear can also be useful for survival, Purchasing Gear can help you prepare if you choose wisely.


Outdoor Stoves

Fishing Gear

Camping Supplies


Survival Supplies, Are They Really Necessary?

72 hour survival kit with suppliesSurvival Supplies aren't the whole answer to surviving a bad situation, your brain power is your number one asset and it's effectiveness is aided by knowledge but, no matter what skills you have the warning you get from an emergency radio or a NOAA radio can help you stay out of danger. If you can't see because it is dark and the power is out, then a flash light could save your life or help someone else survive, who in turn may help you survive.

Water is a survival necessity, even though there may be a flood of water around you it is contaminated with sewage, bacteria , industrial chemicals, oil and gasoline as well as toilet paper from all the flooded toilets around. That alone makes each of us think twice before drinking or wading in flood water. Do you recall how if feels to need a drink so bad you think your going to die? The truth is you could, water is a necessity for survival and is a necessary survival item for preparation. A Water filter can really come in handy if you don't have access to a fresh water supply. Backpacks can be invaluable to aid your survival if you must evacuate in a emergency. Having a survival backpack or duffle can help you when or if you need to leave quickly or have to walk overland for help or to aid someone else. Another survival item is the first aid kit, disinfectant towels and antibiotic ointment. These items can keep small cuts or scratches from becoming life threatening infections!

Survival supplies won't solve all the challenges of survival but they will help you be more prepared to survive any situation that you may find yourself in. Remember, plan, prepare and adapt to survive!

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