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Draining Structure Pipes For Water

 On the outside of most structures there are water spigots where garden hoses can be connected. To drain water from pipes in a structure( provided the water system hasn't drained already) find the lowest spigot on or in the structure. (the lowest meaning the closest to the bottom of the structure or ground, these are usually the outside garden hose connections, but lower connections may be found in a basement or underground floors if there are any). Place a clean container under this spigot and open the valve by turning counterclockwise. (to speed water flow have another person open a faucet that is high in the structure. This allows air into the system which speeds the water draining out below) Monitor the water so that it doesn't overflow the container and be wasted. In large buildings this method can yield a lot of water. Drain hot water pipes from a faucet with hot water.

Don't forget the hot water heaters also hold a lot of water. These will NOT be drained when draining the pipes.



The pole mounted outdoor garden connection in fig. 2 will not yield any water unless the water is under pressure in the pipes or a large structure or water tank is near by with piping located higher than the height of this pole. Otherwise the water in this pipe would have to flow uphill.







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