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survival the essentials to survive

Surviving a disaster. The Essentials of life article series covers the basics of survival with an emphasis on both urban survival and wilderness survival.

This includes the basics needed to survive - water, food, fire and Shelter. This section also includes information from the US Army Survival Manual.   See More Survival Information >>

Survival Information - Learn To Survive  

Wilderness Survival Video
Many people are interested in wilderness survival. Wilderness survival and its many parts are foreign to many of our lives today unlike the lives of our ancestors. Watching these videos will teach you many important things about wilderness survival.

A-Z Bush Craft


Human Survival

Happiness, Love and Mental Heath

Help With Sleep Problems

Natural Sleep Aid

Losing A Job - Economic Survival



urban survival in modern society and current conditions. Learn to survive the trials and understand the threats to survival in the modern world.

Twenty First Century Survival focuses on current world events and survival skills that can be valuable for modern life.

This section deals with modern real world survival, Dealing with stalkers, kidnapping, biologic attack, food shortages and other modern issues.
 Modern Survival >>

More Survival Information >>


Assessing Your Tornado Risk in Tornado Alley

 Tornado Occurrence in “Tornado Alley”

“Tornado Alley” is an area of the U.S. heart-land known for its tornado activity. Although the boundaries of Tornado Alley can be debated, most scientists agree that Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska are well known for tornado risk and make up a large portion of Tornado Alley. Tornado risk includes the potential for property damage, injury, and loss of life all of which are increased with a higher frequency of occurrence.

Tornado Alley’s climate and location are ideally suited to create supercell thunderstorms, which commonly spawn violent tornadoes. As in the rest of the United States, the majority of tornadoes in Tornado Alley are typically weak or moderately strong (classified as EF2 and smaller on the Enhanced Fujita Scale). However, even these weaker tornadoes can be deadly. Further, tornadoes are not always single tornado events; sometimes outbreaks of several tornadoes are associated with a large storm system. This type of tornado outbreak happens frequently in Tornado Alley due to the supercell thunderstorms that affect the area. In fact, there have been two such occurrences in the recent past in the Midwest.


The Great Plains Tornado Outbreak of May 3, 1999 Over 70 tornadoes occurred during this outbreak in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas, 4 of which were considered violent (F4 or F5) An F5 tornado struck the Oklahoma City area, two F4 tornadoes struck populated areas north of Oklahoma City, and one struck the Wichita, Kansas area 49 people were killed and approximately 800 were injured Over 2,000 homes were destroyed and more than 7,000 were damaged Damage was estimated at $1.2 billion.


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Preparing for a Flood

A sudden spring storm, a heavy downpour or a tropical storm can all lead to the same event, flooding. Flooding poses the risk of significant property damage and a real threat to life and limb. Preparing for a flood is smart. Start by finding out if your home is in danger from flooding. Do you live near a creek, stream, river or lake? If you live near the ocean, could you be effected by storm surge during a hurricane? Are there levees or a dam near your home? These questions might provide a place to start understanding your flood risk. Next consider flood insurance. Flood insurance is separate from home owners or renters insurance. Floods are not covered in home owner policies. You must take out flood insurance to be protected. Beyond these preliminary steps there are other steps you should take to protect your self and your family. Some steps are optional or may not apply to you because of your circumstances others are necessities or will protect your survival. Below are many tips you may want to use.


Some Things To Remember

Do Not Drive Into Running Water More Than A Few Inches Deep. Your vehicle can be carried away with you in it if you drive into running water. The result could be the drowning death of everyone in the vehicle or serious injury.

Read More: Preparing for a flood!


Survival Supplies, Are They Really Necessary?

72 hour survival kit with suppliesSurvival Supplies aren't the whole answer to surviving a bad situation, your brain power is your number one asset and it's effectiveness is aided by knowledge but, no matter what skills you have the warning you get from an emergency radio or a NOAA radio can help you stay out of danger. If you can't see because it is dark and the power is out, then a flash light could save your life or help someone else survive, who in turn may help you survive.

Water is a survival necessity, even though there may be a flood of water around you it is contaminated with sewage, bacteria , industrial chemicals, oil and gasoline as well as toilet paper from all the flooded toilets around. That alone makes each of us think twice before drinking or wading in flood water. Do you recall how if feels to need a drink so bad you think your going to die? The truth is you could, water is a necessity for survival and is a necessary survival item for preparation. A Water filter can really come in handy if you don't have access to a fresh water supply. Backpacks can be invaluable to aid your survival if you must evacuate in a emergency. Having a survival backpack or duffle can help you when or if you need to leave quickly or have to walk overland for help or to aid someone else. Another survival item is the first aid kit, disinfectant towels and antibiotic ointment. These items can keep small cuts or scratches from becoming life threatening infections!

Survival supplies won't solve all the challenges of survival but they will help you be more prepared to survive any situation that you may find yourself in. Remember, plan, prepare and adapt to survive!

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